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ROCKSTAR Tactical Systems is the leading supplier of everything woodsball and milsim paintball.  We carry thousands of paintball and tactical products from the most popular brands on the market.  Looking for Tippmann, Spyder, Tiberius Arms, Valken V-TAC, DYE Tactical or Empire BT products?  We have 'em and a whole lot more!  We have one of the largest Tippmann A5 Parts offerings available anywhere. Stop by regularly and get caught up on what's new in woodsball.   Have a suggestion?  Contact us and let us know what you'd like to see here.  On Facebook?  Like Us and you'll always be notified when new blog content has posted. We'll also keep you up to date on current Facebook specials and giveaways via your newsfeed!
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  • Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tank: Low Profile, Adjustable Regulator

    Guerrilla Air was purchased by Tiberius Arms some time ago.  Since then, the good people at Tiberius have really revamped Guerrilla's line of air products.  Part of the revamp involved the release of the M4.5 and M3 regs which are some of the best paintball regulators on the market.  Guerrilla was the first to offer a round bottom aluminum tank fitted with the M3 - which is an exceptional value.  Guerrilla found a way to increase the performance of their reg with next to no increase in price to the player.  The finish on each tank is beautiful too.  While other manufacturers offer partial camo wrapped tanks, Guerrilla Air's Digi-Camo finish is simply the best.  We'd love to see more camo patterns in the future. The latest to come out of the factory is the Guerrilla Air G3 Regulator.  One feature Guerrilla missing from their product offering was an adjustable reg.  The addition of the G3 Reg completes Guerrilla's line-up which now has something to offer every player, every budget and every paintball gun.  The G3 is the lowest profile paintball reg on the market.  It features updated, low profile safety burst disks and the PRO fill nipple.  Each G3 reg leaves the factory preset at 800 psi (which can be increased to 920 psi).   With the use of shims and a G3 Pressure Kit - you can easily adjust the output pressure of the G3 to the specific needs of your gun or application.  The top flange is made of brass and replaceable in case something should happen that damages the threading.  You can also rotate the regulator so that the fill adapter and gauge are in the position you need them to be.  Add in a super fast recharge rate and a design that promotes easy servicing by the user and you have one fantastic tank. Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tanks are offered in all the same sizes as the M4.5 fitting tanks.  This includes 48, 68, 70, 88 and the monster 100 ci in both black as well as digi-camo.  You can also purchase the G3 Regulator by itself and have it retrofitted to another carbon fiber 4500 psi tank.  ROCKSTAR Tactical is an authorized dealer for Guerrilla Air Paintball products.  We stock all of Guerrilla's products including G3 tanks, G3 regs and G3 pressure kits.

  • Empire BT D*Fender: Revolutionary Design for the Woods

    The BT (Battle Tested) line of paintball products have been around for nearly a decade now.  BT has played a large part in the growth of the woodsball market.  Their introduction of the BT-16 and BT-4 Paintball Guns along with a complete lines of Digi Camo apparel and soft goods pulled players back into the woods during a time when tournament paintball reigned king. Over recent years, the BT line has been absorbed as the woodsball extension of Empire Paintball.  This was quite advantageous for the woodsball market in general because with this came the technology the has made Empire a force in the tournament world.  Guns like the BT TM15 and TM7 borrow components from tourney-level guns while staying true to the milsim look and feel.  Empire really pioneered this hybrid concept and broke woodsball away from a long standing history of basic, blow-back markers.  Now, nearly all manufacturers are taking their best technology and packaging it in woodsball shells. Empire BT's latest release is the D*FENDER.  A bull-pup style woodsball gun that allows the paintball to be stored in the buttstock and loaded through the rear of the gun.  This a wild departure from the traditional top loader.  The internals for the Empire BT Dfender are borrowed from the popular Empire AXE tourney marker and housed in a magnesium receiver (same material used in the TM15).  The buttstock loading system is basically a reconfigured Z2 loader and is activated upon trigger pull and self-calibrated via a speed sensor.   Empire states that the D*Fender is capable of consistent, constant feeding at 20bps and allows for 5 different firing modes: Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto and Select Fire. The entire marker, including the loading system, runs on 6 AA batteries. Like most high-end guns on the market, the Empire BT D*Fender's price is a little hefty at $1,299.95.  Empire packs the DFender full of goodies including a Freak Barrel System with 3 bore inserts along with an Apex 2 which allows you to pull off some crazy curved shooting. Both a standard magnetic lid and quick-feed lid are included as well. The Empire BT D*Fender is available in both Black and Grey.  It's now available for pre-order at www.rockstartactical.com and should be in stocked by the 1st-2nd week in November.  If you're looking for a top of the line high-end, ultra-fast woodsball gun that's built for speed and designed in a true (load behind the trigger) bull-pup, look no further than the Empire BT D*Fender.

  • Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggles: Super Value Head Protection

    Valken has released a new full coverage paintball goggle system under their very popular entry-level line of Annex masks.  The new Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggle System is a full coverage mask that offers all of the features of the M-7 standard goggle and then some.  Only a few paintball manufacturers offer full coverage systems, the DYE Proto and JT Flex 8 have traditionally been two of the most popular options for those wanting more coverage out of their paintball mask. The Annex Full Coverage MI-7 is essentially a standard MI-7 with an extended visor that covers the top and the upper half of the back of the head.  The upper full head visor can be removed so you can switch between standard and full head coverage at any time.  The Annex MI-7 has been pretty popular for a number of reasons.  One reason is because it offers a comfortable fit and solid coverage area for the average face.  The Full Coverage MI-7 is no different.  Other features consistent between both versions of the MI-7 include a flexible lower jaw area.  The jaw area is not as soft as other manufacturers' goggles but not as hard either.  It offers a balance of flexibility for comfort and rigidity for protection.  The inside lens area features dual layer foam.  The first layer is more dense for stability and shock absorption while the outer layer is more pliable for comfort against the face and absorption of moisture.  The vent areas are angled for increased airflow which aids in keeping the inside and outside temperatures consistent - the most important concept in fog resistance.  The lens is a true thermal unit found in all the MI-7 Thermal Goggles.  Sly (Annex) has always made a solid thermal lens that can withstand fogging in some extreme temperatures and the lens included from the factory with the MI-7 is no different.  The lens lock and rear strap are joined by a patented quick release that allows you to remove the lens with ease.  All the MI-7 Paintball Goggles include an attached instructions/care fold-out that show you exactly how to remove the lens and care for the entire goggle system. Starting at only $54.95, the Annex MI-7 Full Coverage paintball goggle system is the perfect solution for those wanting more head coverage without spending top dollar for a true thermal system.  We currently have the MI-7 Full Coverage in two color options: Black and V-CAM (MI-7C).

  • Tippmann Sale: Save $30 on Tippmann A5, 98 and FT-12

    The Tippmann Fall Sale has begun.  This time of year Tippmann usually launches a sale in the form or a rebate program during the late fall/early winter.  This year's promotion is tough to beat!  Purchase any Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 or FT-12 and get BIG cash back direct from Tippmann Sports. Now through January 15th of 2014, purchase any new Tippmann A-5 or 98 Custom and get $30 via rebate from Tippmann.  Purchase a FT-12 marker and receive $20 via mail-in rebate.  This is an exceptional value on some of the most popular markers in paintball. The Tippmann A5 is legendary - one of the best all time sellers in paintball.  The A5 as served as the foundation for some of the sickest milsim guns ever produced.  The design is tried and true and the aftermarket parts support is massive.  The amount of barrels, stocks, rails and mags available for the A5 will make your head spin and it will also guarantee you the ability to customize a truly unique woodsball marker. If you've played paintball, there's a strong chance you've fired a Tippmann 98 Custom.  It has served as the number one rental gun for fields all over the world.  They are indestructible, very easy to work on and share a similar degree of aftermarket parts support as the Tippmann A5.  If you're a younger player or a new player looking for something reliable that we save you from renting - look no further, the Tippmann 98 Custom is your gun! The Tippmann FT-12 is a new release from Tippmann.  Designed to be an entry level marker with a true 'no tools required' assembly.  Simply split the receiver, do your maintenance and shut her back up. The FT-12 is a great gun for a beginner or someone looking to have a reliable, spare marker in their gear bag.  Better yet, if you purchase now - you get $20 back from Tippmann on an already low price of $129. Don't miss out on this special Tippmann Sale.  The rebate program runs from Oct 15th through Jan 15th 2014.  Tippmann has notified us that all Tippmann A5, Custom 98 and FT-12 purchases beginning Oct 1st also qualify for the rebate.

  • Milsig FXR Kits: Carbine Conversion for T8.1 and TiPX

    Milsig FXR Kit - one product that we've been waiting on for a long, long time.  We can't tell you how many inquiries we've had over recent years from people looking to convert their Tiberius Pistol into a rifle set-up.  One such kit hit the market years ago which was specific for the Tiberius T8.  Some of the changes that occurred with the release of the T8.1 made the body kit non-compatible.  The kit slowly went away. That brings us to the Milsig/PSI Ops FXR Kits.  The FXR Force Multiplier Kit is a ready to go, factory body kit compatible with all current Tiberius T8.1 (also works with the T9.1) and TiPX pistols.  It's offered in a few different versions all of which use special spacers allowing the kits to attach to your pistol without set screws or permanent modification.  Each kit features a precision milled aluminum body with enough rail space to customize with just about any combination of picatinny accessories, marker-specific spacers and a carbine collapsible butt stock.   We currently have 5 different Milsig FXR Kits available at the time of this post.  Here is the breakdown each kit's components: FXR Basic - TiPX FXR body Model 98 Compatible Stock and Stock Rail TiPX Specific Mounting Blocks Extended ASA Remote Line Kit FXR Intermediate - TiPX FXR body Model 98 Compatible Stock and Stock Rail TiPX Specific Mounting Blocks Extended ASA Remote Line Kit 250mm Precision Rifled Marksman Barrel MILSIG Reversible Suppressor FXR PRO - TiPX FXR body Model 98 Compatible Stock and Stock Rail TiPX Specific Mounting Blocks Extended ASA Remote Line Kit 250mm Precision Rifled Marksman Barrel MILSIG Reversible Suppressor Marksman First Strike Breech Block (2) Stark Pursuit ZetaMags FXR Basic - T8.1 FXR body Model 98 Compatible Stock and Stock Rail T8.1 Specific Mounting Blocks FXR Intermediate - T8.1 FXR body Model 98 Compatible Stock and Stock Rail T8.1 Specific Mounting Blocks 250mm Precision Rifled Marksman Barrel MILSIG Reversible Suppressor Hats off to Doug at Milsig Direct for taking the bull by the horns and getting the FXR kits available in the States.  If you're a T8.1 or TiPX owner and want the option of converting your pistol to a carbine set-up, the Milsig FXR Kits are for you.  Choose from the different version to get the correct set-up for you.  Each kit is the basis for an unlimited amount of customizing you can do with the FXR platform, offering an exciting twist to your T8.1 or TiPX.

  • Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches

    In late Spring, we received our first shipment of EXO vests and pouches from Tiberius Arms.  We were blown away with the quality and durability of the EXO platform.  Tiberius' latest release adds an exciting new pattern to the lineup - the new Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches. Tiberius' TriCam pattern is perfect for late fall or desert type playing conditions where blending into your environment is a must.  TriCam matches well with other popular camo, allowing you to mix your EXO set-up to other brands' pants and jerseys. Given that the EXO is a molle platform, you can add other molle accessories to it allowing you to further customize your rig with specialty pouches. Tiberius offers all their Black EXO products in TriCam, even the 2 factory configured set-ups. Available TriCam EXO Vests and Pouches: TriCam EXO Platform TriCam Assault Vest TriCam Recon Vest TriCam Grenade Pouch TriCam Single Double Mag Pouch TriCam Triple Double Mag Pouch TriCam Single Open Pouch TriCam Triple Open Pouch TriCam Thigh Holster TriCam Admin Pouch TriCam Tank Pouch TriCam Utility Pouch Triple Mag Insert Pouch Looking to get into a new Rig for the fall?  Take a look at the Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam line of molle vests and accessories.  Complete lines now available in both Black and TriCam.  Have an existing molle vests or spare pouches?  No problem - the EXO components are universal and will mix and match with anything molle compatible.  Experience super quality and durability with the EXO line of vests and pouches. Check the TriCam line at ROCKSTAR Tactical Systems today.