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A Tokyo Marui Generation

Tokyo Maruai, opening it’s doors for the first time in 1965, initially was content to be a provider of sleek model cars. But it wasn’t the toy cars that would become their most defining aspect. In 1979, the company revealed their very first model gun, the 44 Automag. It was a plastic pistiol, easily assembled […]

The Thinking Man’s Paintball

With paintball, there are as many strategies as there are on the actual battlefield. You can be stealthy and precise, work as a unit or go lone wolf, you can even go Call of Duty and go NUTS, shooting enough paint to give a building a new coat. But there’s a new style of game […]

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Limiting the Shots – It’s Official

It’s official – Millennium events are now, according to rule changes, required to switch over to limited paint events… and only limited paint events. Millennium released a statement, saying “Following the WPBO’s lead on introducing a limited paint format in 2017, The Millennium Series along with The EPBF and many other major European leagues, has decided to adopt the […]

The Bracket Breakdown

The 2016 Las Vegas Open is upon us, and now the world knows who’s going against one another in the pro division. The first NXL tournament of the year saw their brackets developed today, giving us a chance to see who’s going head to head in the first round. Group A will have San Diego Dynasty, Edmonton Impact, Los Angeles […]

Those Raskals

Team Raskal Malaysia is already one of the big winners of the year, having already taken one championship for themselves. The Thailand Paintball Official Circuit 1st Leg was held earlier this week, and saw Raskal trying to reverse their fortunes in the tournament – this is actually the first time the squad has managed to win a […]

The AK-50

Have you ever seen an AK-50 in action? If so, isn’t it awesome? If not, here you go. You’re welcome. Now comes the important part. Did you know they’re making an AirSoft version? Did you know they’re making an AirSoft version?  Okay, so here’s the deal. As we speak, negotiations are being reached to develop the mother of all […]

The Stalingrad Battle

Ready for one of the biggest and best paintball matches of the year? Because the upcoming Stalingrad XI skirmish winter scenario game is coming, and it’s looking pretty great. Just $50 a head, even when you’re just trying to get through the front gate, with bonus rewards (we’re talking free paintball guns or even a […]


Brand New Finals

The 2016 NCPA National Championships are changing up their venue this year, and the fields look pretty damn great. Being held April 15th through the 17th, the event will now be held at the Austin-Tindall Regional Park, in located in Kissimmee, Florida. This puts the tournament just minutes away from Orlando, and partners up the […]

Rocking like a Ronin

When you play AirSoft, there’s a certain element of danger present to it. It’s just a fact of the game. But you don’t want to wear bulky safety gear that make you look like a bad action figure. Devtac Designs has designed a practical, sleek, comfortable, and awesome looking helmet, the RONIN Airsoft Mask. Seriously, it’s the […]

Back to the Minor Leagues

MiLP (Minor League Paintball) is looking to have an amazing season this year. They’ll host over fifty events across the country over the course of the year, giving players all across the United States a chance to join the ranks of the pros. Check out all the details, right here. Read the Full Article: Minor League Paintball […]

Master Splinter

I know I’ve been talking about the limited edition TMNT paintball helmet set ups a bit now, but come on, it’s because they look amazing. Seriously! You can be any of the Turtles or the Shredder! And now? There’s a bonus! You can be Splinter! All of these helmets are awesome, and Splinter is maybe the coolest […]

What’s Ruining AirSoft?

Every time you go online lately, there’s been a video or an article or a think piece about how AirSoft is being ruined. And every week, it’s something new – governments, celebrities, pretty much everything. Unicorn Leah recently sat down with Jet DesertFox and Jonathan of Airsoftology, to try and figure out what’s really bring down […]

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