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Turning Over?

The London Metropolitan Police force has begun one of their (semi-regular) gun amnesty campaigns. The purpose of the program is to allow citizens who have unneeded or unnecessarily firearms to turn them in, in a plan to help prevent such weapons from reaching the black market. In truth, it’s a fair policy, for people who […]

Meet the Pros to Help Jerry Desvarieux

Jerry Desvarieux was one of the premier players for the professional Tampa Bay Damage squad. But, on the way home from practice earlier this year, Jerry ended up in a serious car accident. After a series of surgeries and operations, Jerry is alive and awake, but currently confided to a wheelchair. Following his surgeries however, […]

Playing For C-Wood

In Louisville, Chris Woodell has long been one of the most important men in paintball. Known as C-Wood, Chris founded the Sods and works with the 502nd SOG. He’s been at this longer than most, and has even served as the Obi-Wan for an entire area of up and coming players. Sadly, Chris recently found […]

How to Use the Breakout

During the Breakout stage of any game, a LOT of things can go wrong. It can easily be a strong opening surge, or just an overwhelming show of force, but more often than not, a smart team on the defensive can use the Breakout as an opportunity to whittle down an unsuspecting team. But a […]

A Tokyo Marui Generation

Tokyo Maruai, opening it’s doors for the first time in 1965, initially was content to be a provider of sleek model cars. But it wasn’t the toy cars that would become their most defining aspect. In 1979, the company revealed their very first model gun, the 44 Automag. It was a plastic pistiol, easily assembled […]


Because Reloading is for Chumps

There are two mentalities in a firefight. You can be delicate and careful, choosing your shots with patience and precision. Or, alternatively, you can do it the fun way. The G&P Rapid Fire II, for example, is a new release from G&P and can just unload pellets, either at semi or full-straight-up-auto. When you’re in […]

Homemade BB Trap

Anytime you go outside to do some target practice, it can be a straight up hassle to try and clean up afterwards. But there’s an easy trick that’ll keep every shot together for afterwards. When you’re setting up your targets, do what youtube user XDM50 did, and apply them to an empty jug. It’s an […]

Saying Goodbye to 2015

2015 was a year of ups and downs, but whether it’s been your best year ever or a slog you’re happy to be done with, it’s finally coming to a close. And with it, comes the final event of the year. The final leg of the Sumatera Open Paintball League will begin December 11th, and […]

New Kid on the Block

All across the globe, hundreds of companies vie for the attention of the average paintball player. But it takes a special kind of company to really make their mark. And now a new group is coming for the top spot. A new company, Top Rank, has just opened in their home country of the United […]

The 2016 World Cup Eurotrip

Following an exciting World Cup in Asia, next years four major tournaments will be played across Europe, as revealed in a recently released schedule. April will see the Veterans tournament held in Barcelona, Spain. The Women’s games will be in Bitburg, Germany, in May. July will see London, England host the Men’s final tournament. Finally, […]

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