MI-7 Full Coverage Paintball Mask

Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggles: Super Value Head Protection

Valken has released a new full coverage paintball goggle system under their very popular entry-level line of Annex masks.  The new Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggle System is a full coverage mask that offers all of the features of the M-7 standard goggle and then some.  Only a few paintball manufacturers offer full coverage systems, the DYE Proto and JT Flex 8 have traditionally been two of the most popular options for those wanting more coverage out of their paintball mask.

The Annex Full Coverage MI-7 is essentially a standard MI-7 with an extended visor that covers the top and the upper half of the back of the head.  The upper full head visor can be removed so you can switch between standard and full head coverage at any time.  The Annex MI-7 has been pretty popular for a number of reasons.  One reason is because it offers a comfortable fit and solid coverage area for the average face.  The Full Coverage MI-7 is no different.  Other features consistent between both versions of the MI-7 include a flexible lower jaw area.  The jaw area is not as soft as other manufacturers’ goggles but not as hard either.  It offers a balance of flexibility for comfort and rigidity for protection.  The inside lens area features dual layer foam.  The first layer is more dense for stability and shock absorption while the outer layer is more pliable for comfort against the face and absorption of moisture.  The vent areas are angled for increased airflow which aids in keeping the inside and outside temperatures consistent – the most important concept in fog resistance.  The lens is a true thermal unit found in all the MI-7 Thermal Goggles.  Sly (Annex) has always made a solid thermal lens that can withstand fogging in some extreme temperatures and the lens included from the factory with the MI-7 is no different.  The lens lock and rear strap are joined by a patented quick release that allows you to remove the lens with ease.  All the MI-7 Paintball Goggles include an attached instructions/care fold-out that show you exactly how to remove the lens and care for the entire goggle system.

Starting at only $54.95, the Annex MI-7 Full Coverage paintball goggle system is the perfect solution for those wanting more head coverage without spending top dollar for a true thermal system.  We currently have the MI-7 Full Coverage in two color options: Black and V-CAM (MI-7C).

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