DYE Tactical GTG Bravo Vest

DYE Tactical GTG Vest: Factory Equipped Rig

DYE Tactical came on the scene within recent years to cater to the undeniable growing population of Milsim and Woodsball players.  Their tactical line of vests and pouches run in parallel with the level of quality DYE has always been known for.  2013 brought about many changes to the DYE Tactical lineup.  The DYE Tactical GTG Vest emerged as DYE’s factory equipped solution for players who want an RTP (ready to play) Rig with all the important base components.

The DYE Tactical GTG Vest uses the DYE Alpha 2.0 Molle Vest for its foundation. GTG stands for ‘Good To Go’.  DYE includes some of the most popular and useful pouches with the GTG Vest.  The left front side of the vest includes an admin pouch and smaller accessory pouch.  The left oblique side features a pod dump pouch. The rear comes equipped with a horizontal tank pouch up top and a 3+4 pod holder below.  Keep in mind that all the included pouches are integrated into the vest which means that they are sewn-in, not molle-based.  The front right side of the vest is all molle webbing.  It allows the player some level of customization and will accept any molle-based pouches or accessories.  The GTG Vest is ‘one size fits most’ and offers a fair amount of adjusting via its top shoulder straps. The side and front straps provide more chest width and can also be cinched down for a tighter fit when hauling heavier loads.

We’ve been very impressed with the line of DYE Tactical Vest and Pouches and the changes DYE made for 2013 made the line even better.  If you’re looking for a quality molle based paintball vest or a ready made solution, give DYE a look.  The DYE Tactical GTG Vest retails for $129.95 and provides a solid platform for players who need base vest components but also the ability for some degree of customization.  This ‘hybrid’ tactical vest just may be the perfect solution for you.  The GTG Paintball Vest is available in both Black and DyeCam.

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