Empire BT D*Fender Paintball Gun

Empire BT D*Fender: Revolutionary Design for the Woods

The BT (Battle Tested) line of paintball products have been around for nearly a decade now.  BT has played a large part in the growth of the woodsball market.  Their introduction of the BT-16 and BT-4 Paintball Guns along with a complete lines of Digi Camo apparel and soft goods pulled players back into the woods during a time when tournament paintball reigned king.

Over recent years, the BT line has been absorbed as the woodsball extension of Empire Paintball.  This was quite advantageous for the woodsball market in general because with this came the technology the has made Empire a force in the tournament world.  Guns like the BT TM15 and TM7 borrow components from tourney-level guns while staying true to the milsim look and feel.  Empire really pioneered this hybrid concept and broke woodsball away from a long standing history of basic, blow-back markers.  Now, nearly all manufacturers are taking their best technology and packaging it in woodsball shells.

Empire BT’s latest release is the D*FENDER.  A bull-pup style woodsball gun that allows the paintball to be stored in the buttstock and loaded through the rear of the gun.  This a wild departure from the traditional top loader.  The internals for the Empire BT Dfender are borrowed from the popular Empire AXE tourney marker and housed in a magnesium receiver (same material used in the TM15).  The buttstock loading system is basically a reconfigured Z2 loader and is activated upon trigger pull and self-calibrated via a speed sensor.   Empire states that the D*Fender is capable of consistent, constant feeding at 20bps and allows for 5 different firing modes: Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto and Select Fire. The entire marker, including the loading system, runs on 6 AA batteries.

Like most high-end guns on the market, the Empire BT D*Fender’s price is a little hefty at $1,299.95.  Empire packs the DFender full of goodies including a Freak Barrel System with 3 bore inserts along with an Apex 2 which allows you to pull off some crazy curved shooting. Both a standard magnetic lid and quick-feed lid are included as well.

The Empire BT D*Fender is available in both Black and Grey.  It’s now available for pre-order at www.rockstartactical.com and should be in stocked by the 1st-2nd week in November.  If you’re looking for a top of the line high-end, ultra-fast woodsball gun that’s built for speed and designed in a true (load behind the trigger) bull-pup, look no further than the Empire BT D*Fender.

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