Guerrilla Air Digi-Camo Series Tanks

Guerrilla Air Tanks: New Digi-Camo Carbon Fiber Series

A ton of new products emerged from the 2013 Paintball Extravaganza Event (industry dealer and manufacturer tradeshow), some of the hottest came from Tiberius Arms and Guerrilla Air. Tiberius Arms purchased Guerrilla Air some time ago and has been revamping everything including their Myth Regs, HPA Bottles, CO2 tanks and even their website! The new DIGI-SERIES is the latest in Guerrilla Air Tanks which hold a long history of offering high-quality HPA paintball tanks.

These new carbon fiber tanks are beautifully wrapped in a digi-camo pattern and clear coated to perfection. A few companies have figured out that there is no reason why an HPA tank can’t be camo’d out. Guerrilla Air has seemed to produce the best version thus far. These tanks are beautifully constructed with a clean, clear, smooth outer coating. One of the best features of the Guerrilla Air Tanks is that all tank specs like hydro date, size and other transportation information are clearly printed on the bottle. There is no confusion in regards to the hydro date that must be read prior to filling a tank commercially. This tends to be a problem with tanks with info stamped into the tank. As these tanks get older, stamped numbers get harder to read with wear. All factory Guerrilla Air HPA tanks carry a 5 year hydro test date.

The Guerrilla Air Myth 4.5 Regulator is the best yet. It features a low profile design with dual high and low pressure, flush burst disks. Output pressure is very consistent at 800 psi. Each Myth 4.5 and 3K regulator is precision machined from billet aluminum which exceeds standards for quality and durability.

At the time of this writing, the new Guerrilla Air DIGI-CAMO Tanks are available in 70 and 48ci models. Other models including 100ci, 88ci and 68ci should be available in the upcoming weeks. Let’s hope this is a beautiful start to many more camo patterns offered in the future!

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