Guerrilla Air G3

Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tank: Low Profile, Adjustable Regulator

Guerrilla Air was purchased by Tiberius Arms some time ago.  Since then, the good people at Tiberius have really revamped Guerrilla’s line of air products.  Part of the revamp involved the release of the M4.5 and M3 regs which are some of the best paintball regulators on the market.  Guerrilla was the first to offer a round bottom aluminum tank fitted with the M3 – which is an exceptional value.  Guerrilla found a way to increase the performance of their reg with next to no increase in price to the player.  The finish on each tank is beautiful too.  While other manufacturers offer partial camo wrapped tanks, Guerrilla Air’s Digi-Camo finish is simply the best.  We’d love to see more camo patterns in the future.

The latest to come out of the factory is the Guerrilla Air G3 Regulator.  One feature Guerrilla missing from their product offering was an adjustable reg.  The addition of the G3 Reg completes Guerrilla’s line-up which now has something to offer every player, every budget and every paintball gun.  The G3 is the lowest profile paintball reg on the market.  It features updated, low profile safety burst disks and the PRO fill nipple.  Each G3 reg leaves the factory preset at 800 psi (which can be increased to 920 psi).   With the use of shims and a G3 Pressure Kit – you can easily adjust the output pressure of the G3 to the specific needs of your gun or application.  The top flange is made of brass and replaceable in case something should happen that damages the threading.  You can also rotate the regulator so that the fill adapter and gauge are in the position you need them to be.  Add in a super fast recharge rate and a design that promotes easy servicing by the user and you have one fantastic tank.

Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tanks are offered in all the same sizes as the M4.5 fitting tanks.  This includes 48, 68, 70, 88 and the monster 100 ci in both black as well as digi-camo.  You can also purchase the G3 Regulator by itself and have it retrofitted to another carbon fiber 4500 psi tank.  ROCKSTAR Tactical is an authorized dealer for Guerrilla Air Paintball products.  We stock all of Guerrilla’s products including G3 tanks, G3 regs and G3 pressure kits.

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