Ninja PCP Fil Station

Ninja PCP Fill Station: Quick Fill Solution for 13ci HPA Tanks

Ninja Paintball knows HPA technology. They’ve consistently put out some of the best Compressed Air tanks on the market over the last few years. Thousands of players have trusted them as their primary source for quality tanks, fittings, fill components and other paintball air products.  The Ninja PCP Fill Station is the latest release added to Ninja’s respected line of filling accessories.

The new Ninja PCP Fill Station was originally developed for the air gun market. More air guns are using an internal air reserve instead of manual cocking. These air guns required the user to fill the reserve with a hand or foot pump. This was tiring and time intensive so Ninja Paintball developed a quick system to address this need. They realized that this same system has an application in paintball as well and could be used to fill 13ci tanks. Many players will use a 13ci paintball tank as either a backup, a lightweight primary tank or as part of an air-thru stock system found on many popular milsim paintball guns.

The Ninja PCP Fill Station Adapter features a number of components: Universal Fill Adapter, Vent Station, Braided Steel Hose and a Quick Disconnect. One important thing to keep in mind regarding the PCP Fill Adapter is that it requires a special reserve tank. Ninja makes HPA Tanks that may look like their normal 90ci tanks, but these 90′s are actually fitted with a special regulator. This regulator has an output pressure of 3000 psi (not the typical 800psi common with their standard regs). This special reserve tank ensures that the PCP system has the appropriate pressure to fill 3000psi reserves and 13ci tanks quickly. In fact, with a gentle, slow fill – most tanks are filled in under 10 seconds.

The Ninja PCP Fill Station is an awesome solution for those who use 13ci tanks without having to swab them out when empty. This will be especially attractive to MagFed players running 13ci Air-Thru Stock kits. We offer the PCP Fill Station as a separate component and also as a combo packaged with the Ninja PCP 90ci 3000psi Output Tank.

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