Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tank: Low Profile, Adjustable Regulator

Guerrilla Air G3

Guerrilla Air was purchased by Tiberius Arms some time ago.  Since then, the good people at Tiberius have really revamped Guerrilla’s line of air products.  Part of the revamp involved the release of the M4.5 and M3 regs which are some of the best paintball regulators on the market.  Guerrilla was the first to offer [...]

Empire BT D*Fender: Revolutionary Design for the Woods

Empire BT D*Fender Paintball Gun

The BT (Battle Tested) line of paintball products have been around for nearly a decade now.  BT has played a large part in the growth of the woodsball market.  Their introduction of the BT-16 and BT-4 Paintball Guns along with a complete lines of Digi Camo apparel and soft goods pulled players back into the [...]

Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggles: Super Value Head Protection

MI-7 Full Coverage Paintball Mask

Valken has released a new full coverage paintball goggle system under their very popular entry-level line of Annex masks.  The new Annex MI-7 Full Coverage Goggle System is a full coverage mask that offers all of the features of the M-7 standard goggle and then some.  Only a few paintball manufacturers offer full coverage systems, [...]

Tippmann Sale: Save $30 on Tippmann A5, 98 and FT-12

Tippmann Fall Rebate Offer

The Tippmann Fall Sale has begun.  This time of year Tippmann usually launches a sale in the form or a rebate program during the late fall/early winter.  This year’s promotion is tough to beat!  Purchase any Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 or FT-12 and get BIG cash back direct from Tippmann Sports. Now through January 15th [...]

Milsig FXR Kits: Carbine Conversion for T8.1 and TiPX

Milsig FXR Kits

Milsig FXR Kit – one product that we’ve been waiting on for a long, long time.  We can’t tell you how many inquiries we’ve had over recent years from people looking to convert their Tiberius Pistol into a rifle set-up.  One such kit hit the market years ago which was specific for the Tiberius T8.  [...]

Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches

Tiberius TriCam EXO Vests

In late Spring, we received our first shipment of EXO vests and pouches from Tiberius Arms.  We were blown away with the quality and durability of the EXO platform.  Tiberius’ latest release adds an exciting new pattern to the lineup – the new Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches. Tiberius’ TriCam pattern is perfect [...]

Stark Pursuit ZetaMags: High Capacity, High Quality TiPX Mag

Stark Pursuit ZetaMag

The Stark Pursuit ZetaMags really hit the scenario world hard. After only a few weeks, the magazines have become the ‘go to’ solution for anyone looking to increase the carrying capacity for their Tippmann TiPX sidearm. The high quality shell and unique straight-loading dual-sided feed design offer (at the time of this writing) the only [...]

DYE Tactical GTG Vest: Factory Equipped Rig

DYE Tactical GTG Bravo Vest

DYE Tactical came on the scene within recent years to cater to the undeniable growing population of Milsim and Woodsball players.  Their tactical line of vests and pouches run in parallel with the level of quality DYE has always been known for.  2013 brought about many changes to the DYE Tactical lineup.  The DYE Tactical [...]

Virtue Crown SF Speedfeed Lid

Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed Lid

Virtue Paintball has pioneered the development of the speed feed lid. Speed feeds replace the lid of a hopper or loader.  By using a speed feed lid, you no longer have to take the time to open and close your hopper.  This streamlines the reloading process reducing the time and tediousness of refilling during play. [...]

Ninja PCP Fill Station: Quick Fill Solution for 13ci HPA Tanks

Ninja PCP Fil Station

Ninja Paintball knows HPA technology. They’ve consistently put out some of the best Compressed Air tanks on the market over the last few years. Thousands of players have trusted them as their primary source for quality tanks, fittings, fill components and other paintball air products.  The Ninja PCP Fill Station is the latest release added [...]

Tiberius Arms T15: MagFed’s Coming of Age

Tiberius Arms T15 Paintball Gun

DYE’s release of the DAM during World Cup went viral in no time.  Tiberius Arms received similar attention when the paintball world got its first glimpse of the T15 during the Extravaganza Event last February.  We received calls and emails inquiring about the T15 within minutes of posting it on Facebook.  I don’t know how [...]

US Army Alpha Black Elite: Original Alpha Black Gets a Facelift

US Army Alpha Black Elite Paintball Gun

US Army Paintball doesn’t seem that old but Tippmann Sports actually launched the line of markers and accessories years ago and just released an update to the brand’s flagship Alpha Black Paintball Gun. Tippmann had a big presence at the latest Paintball Extravaganza and the US Army Alpha Black Elite was center stage. Tippmann listened [...]

Guerrilla Air Tanks: New Digi-Camo Carbon Fiber Series

Guerrilla Air Digi-Camo Series Tanks

A ton of new products emerged from the 2013 Paintball Extravaganza Event (industry dealer and manufacturer tradeshow), some of the hottest came from Tiberius Arms and Guerrilla Air. Tiberius Arms purchased Guerrilla Air some time ago and has been revamping everything including their Myth Regs, HPA Bottles, CO2 tanks and even their website! The new [...]