Stark Pursuit ZetaMag

Stark Pursuit ZetaMags: High Capacity, High Quality TiPX Mag

The Stark Pursuit ZetaMags really hit the scenario world hard. After only a few weeks, the magazines have become the ‘go to’ solution for anyone looking to increase the carrying capacity for their Tippmann TiPX sidearm. The high quality shell and unique straight-loading dual-sided feed design offer (at the time of this writing) the only alternative, non-factory magazine option. There is something about an extended magazine coming from the bottom of a pistol that just looks plain old sexy and the Zetamag does not fail to deliver! Couple that with reliable 20rd feeding of either standard .68 cal paintball or optional First Strike Rounds and how could anyone resist. Add an optional long barrel, remote for constant air, front grip and red dot and your TiPX pistol instantly has an ultra-cool SMG look capable of laying down First Strike rounds with pin point accuracy.

The Stark ZetaMags are only available for the Tippmann TiPX at this time. There’s been word that adapters will eventually be available for other guns such as the Tiberius T8.1. Each ZetaMag includes a magazine, dust-boot and loading rod.

Zetamag Features:
Twin-Channel, Extended Paintball Magazine
Z-Axis Reversibleā„¢ (Feed from either end)
High-Capacity, up to 20 Rounds (10+10)
Manual lock/release follower for more control over stack pressure
No disassembly required for cleaning
Stainless steel springs (Water-safe. No Rusting)
Tapered main follower springs for maximum compression/capacity
Extended detent design to ensure inverted paint retention
Speed Bevels on loading ends for smoother reloading
Enhanced ribs for better grip
Includes FREE Dust Boot and Loading Rod in each package
Ideal for Machine Pistol & SMG aesthetic

Zetamag Technical Specs:
High-impact durable copolymer
Weight (Mag): 3.2oz / 0.2 lb / 90.7g
Weight (Total Package): 6oz / 0.375 lb / 170.1g
Dimensions (Mag): 1.8″x9.5″x0.9″
Dimensions (Total Package): 12″x4″x1″

ROCKSTAR Tactical Systems is a authorized ZetaMag Dealer. We have units in stock and ready to ship. As an authorized dealer, we’ll also carry all the accessories and additional products offered by Stark Pursuit.

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