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Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tank: Low Profile, Adjustable Regulator

Guerrilla Air G3

Guerrilla Air was purchased by Tiberius Arms some time ago.  Since then, the good people at Tiberius have really revamped Guerrilla’s line of air products.  Part of the revamp involved the release of the M4.5 and M3 regs which are some of the best paintball regulators on the market.  Guerrilla was the first to offer [...]

Guerrilla Air Tanks: New Digi-Camo Carbon Fiber Series

Guerrilla Air Digi-Camo Series Tanks

A ton of new products emerged from the 2013 Paintball Extravaganza Event (industry dealer and manufacturer tradeshow), some of the hottest came from Tiberius Arms and Guerrilla Air. Tiberius Arms purchased Guerrilla Air some time ago and has been revamping everything including their Myth Regs, HPA Bottles, CO2 tanks and even their website! The new [...]