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Guerrilla Air G3 Paintball Tank: Low Profile, Adjustable Regulator

Guerrilla Air G3

Guerrilla Air was purchased by Tiberius Arms some time ago.  Since then, the good people at Tiberius have really revamped Guerrilla’s line of air products.  Part of the revamp involved the release of the M4.5 and M3 regs which are some of the best paintball regulators on the market.  Guerrilla was the first to offer [...]

Ninja PCP Fill Station: Quick Fill Solution for 13ci HPA Tanks

Ninja PCP Fil Station

Ninja Paintball knows HPA technology. They’ve consistently put out some of the best Compressed Air tanks on the market over the last few years. Thousands of players have trusted them as their primary source for quality tanks, fittings, fill components and other paintball air products.  The Ninja PCP Fill Station is the latest release added [...]