Tiberius TriCam EXO Vests

Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches

In late Spring, we received our first shipment of EXO vests and pouches from Tiberius Arms.  We were blown away with the quality and durability of the EXO platform.  Tiberius’ latest release adds an exciting new pattern to the lineup – the new Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam Vests and Pouches.

Tiberius’ TriCam pattern is perfect for late fall or desert type playing conditions where blending into your environment is a must.  TriCam matches well with other popular camo, allowing you to mix your EXO set-up to other brands’ pants and jerseys. Given that the EXO is a molle platform, you can add other molle accessories to it allowing you to further customize your rig with specialty pouches. Tiberius offers all their Black EXO products in TriCam, even the 2 factory configured set-ups.

Available TriCam EXO Vests and Pouches:
TriCam EXO Platform
TriCam Assault Vest
TriCam Recon Vest
TriCam Grenade Pouch
TriCam Single Double Mag Pouch
TriCam Triple Double Mag Pouch
TriCam Single Open Pouch
TriCam Triple Open Pouch
TriCam Thigh Holster
TriCam Admin Pouch
TriCam Tank Pouch
TriCam Utility Pouch
Triple Mag Insert Pouch

Looking to get into a new Rig for the fall?  Take a look at the Tiberius Arms EXO TriCam line of molle vests and accessories.  Complete lines now available in both Black and TriCam.  Have an existing molle vests or spare pouches?  No problem – the EXO components are universal and will mix and match with anything molle compatible.  Experience super quality and durability with the EXO line of vests and pouches. Check the TriCam line at ROCKSTAR Tactical Systems today.

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