Tiberius Arms T15 Paintball Gun

Tiberius Arms T15: MagFed’s Coming of Age

DYE’s release of the DAM during World Cup went viral in no time.  Tiberius Arms received similar attention when the paintball world got its first glimpse of the T15 during the Extravaganza Event last February.  We received calls and emails inquiring about the T15 within minutes of posting it on Facebook.  I don’t know how Tiberius managed to keep this one under wraps for as long as they did.  The Tiberius Arms T15 has been in development for over a year now.  We talk to the guys at Tiberius weekly and not a peep was ever uttered!

I was blown away when I first saw the Tiberius Arms T15.  Holding it was even more incredible.  Being a real AR owner, I literally felt like I was holding my Bushmaster.  It’s lightweight, compact and an exact 1:1 ratio for a real AR.  The receiver features a standard top picatinny rail and is equipped with a working charging handle, selector switch and even a dust cover.  The dust cover area can be converted to a feedneck for hopper loading.  The magazines are slick!  They are about the same dimensions as an AR/M16 30rd Mag with means molle pouch selection should be endless.  The mags are of course First Strike and standard .68 cal compatible.  The rear stock sits on a commercial spec center tube.  If you don’t like the factory stock, swap it out.  It will accept any commercial spec stock body including stocks from real firearm companies such as Magpul, Troy Industries, Tapco, etc. Air-thru stock options will be available. The handguard is standard AR equipment and like the stock, will easily accept alternatives.  It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing!

In my opinion, the T15 marks a big milestone not only for woodsball but MagFed in general.  There’s a ton of great realistic markers on the market but my first impression is that none capture the look and feel of an assault rifle like the T15.  Paintball guns have always been somewhat limited in their design in regards to their attempt to look as real as possible.  Mag-fed pistols had to have wider handles to accommodate the loading of larger .68 projectiles.  It’s an advantage that Airsoft has always had on Milsim Paintball. It’s not hard to replicate a real firearm when the gun is only shooting a 6mm BB.  But with the emergence of the T15 and a few other recent Milsim markers, MagFed will get a second look from people who thought that previous models were too awkward or bulky making them uncomfortable to shoot.   The latest Milsim guns like the Tiberius Arms T15 and the growing popularity of limited round play will have everyone taking a hard look at MagFed paintball and the realization that a brand new style of paintball is emerging and gaining a foothold.  Let’s hope it starts to bridge the gap between paintball and airsoft.  Bringing over airsoft players into MagFed paintball could be the shot in the arm that paintball has needed in recent years.

There is no price or release date on the Tiberius Arms T15 just yet.  A full review will follow just as soon as we get our hands on one.  Pre-orders will begin once we get a solid arrival date from the good people at Tiberius Arms.

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3 thoughts on “Tiberius Arms T15: MagFed’s Coming of Age

  1. Brian

    I’m very excited to see this marker in person. I ALMOST bought the new RAP4 468 this month. Good thing I waited for this, I’ve heard nothing but problems from those that tried to use it. I think the T15 will be a game-changer for mag-fed players