Tippmann Fall Rebate Offer

Tippmann Sale: Save $30 on Tippmann A5, 98 and FT-12

The Tippmann Fall Sale has begun.  This time of year Tippmann usually launches a sale in the form or a rebate program during the late fall/early winter.  This year’s promotion is tough to beat!  Purchase any Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 or FT-12 and get BIG cash back direct from Tippmann Sports.

Now through January 15th of 2014, purchase any new Tippmann A-5 or 98 Custom and get $30 via rebate from Tippmann.  Purchase a FT-12 marker and receive $20 via mail-in rebate.  This is an exceptional value on some of the most popular markers in paintball.

The Tippmann A5 is legendary – one of the best all time sellers in paintball.  The A5 as served as the foundation for some of the sickest milsim guns ever produced.  The design is tried and true and the aftermarket parts support is massive.  The amount of barrels, stocks, rails and mags available for the A5 will make your head spin and it will also guarantee you the ability to customize a truly unique woodsball marker.

If you’ve played paintball, there’s a strong chance you’ve fired a Tippmann 98 Custom.  It has served as the number one rental gun for fields all over the world.  They are indestructible, very easy to work on and share a similar degree of aftermarket parts support as the Tippmann A5.  If you’re a younger player or a new player looking for something reliable that we save you from renting – look no further, the Tippmann 98 Custom is your gun!

The Tippmann FT-12 is a new release from Tippmann.  Designed to be an entry level marker with a true ‘no tools required’ assembly.  Simply split the receiver, do your maintenance and shut her back up. The FT-12 is a great gun for a beginner or someone looking to have a reliable, spare marker in their gear bag.  Better yet, if you purchase now – you get $20 back from Tippmann on an already low price of $129.

Don’t miss out on this special Tippmann Sale.  The rebate program runs from Oct 15th through Jan 15th 2014.  Tippmann has notified us that all Tippmann A5, Custom 98 and FT-12 purchases beginning Oct 1st also qualify for the rebate.

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