Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed Lid

Virtue Crown SF Speedfeed Lid

Virtue Paintball has pioneered the development of the speed feed lid. Speed feeds replace the lid of a hopper or loader.  By using a speed feed lid, you no longer have to take the time to open and close your hopper.  This streamlines the reloading process reducing the time and tediousness of refilling during play. Virtue listens to the feedback of players and the The Virtue Crown SF is the best speed feed yet!

The Virtue Crown SF features small spring loaded fingers that move inward allowing balls to pass then spring back into place preventing balls from coming back out. The Crown SF is a spin-off of the finger technology first used in the Crown 2.  The Crown SF takes it one step further by adding the spring component to the fingers.  A key feature of the finger spring is the ease by which it can hinge down opening the hopper for feeding.  The pressure required is feather light!

Virtue Crown SF Speed Feed Lids are available for just about every major brand and model of loader out there. The Virtue Crown SF Halo Model offers the most universal fit.  It works on the Halo, Invert Halo Too, Reloader, Magna, Revolution, Eye Force, all Pinokios Hopper, Spyder Fasta and Tippmann  X-7/A-5 Cyclone Feed Hoppers.  They are also available in 9 colors.

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